Monday, December 19, 2011

How to Blog

Blogging is the new trend on the internet, it is fun and  you can even earn money from it. Blogging is not journalism, so you can do anything you wan't from it as long as you don't violate any legal issues. You can also have friends and share ideas with other bloggers.

I wasn't a blogger until last year, just for curiosity i build my first blog, it is not very professional but at least I created one and enjoyed while designing it. It took me months to add and understand how tags and widgets work. And even quit for about 5 months because I am running out of Idea.

But I have returned, because I won't fail my fans club, hehehe.

Anyway I will share you my first step on how to blog. Being a blogger doesn't need expertise on the field of website design, you just have to read more and understand how it works. And it is very easy, even grandpa can do it. Some of the most successful bloggers are oldies, although they are not very familiar with the internet, they became successful because of their experience and wisdom and they are willing to share it to the world.

These are the first step on how to blog
  1. Go to if you have a google account already, you won't need to sign up
  2. Think, decide what you want to blog about. there are many blogs already, so if you wanna be noticed and successful, you gotta create something that you are very good at. If you are an architect, go create an architect type of blogs and show your design, don't blog about medicine  or agriculture.
  3. Host or not to host. When you want to blog decide if you wanna host or use free domain names. Domain names are like from blogger (your domain or weebly (your domain name., or you can choose wordpress free software because it is cheap, as low as $30 per year or get it for free.
  4. Create your domain name. Domain names are your blog name.

Choose some of these where you want to create your blog:

Now you have it the the first step on how to blog.