Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Community Tips for New Bloggers

Blogging is like building a community. In a community you have these guys that cheers you up, they believe you and respect every opinion you put on your blog. Those bloggers who try to ignore their community will have no success in blogosphere. Because blogging is about creating a connection.

Creating a fans club and connecting with them is a sure way for a successful blog. So, I have here tips on how new bloggers can get the most of their community.

1. Know your Fans. One of the most important thing you should do in creating a successful blogging community, is knowing the people around you. At first they could be just a few, but for a long time they could be thousands. You may not remember them all, but atleast try to say "hi" or visit and comment their blogs sometime. Use Twitter to get more updates on your community

2. Reply to Comments. When I started blogging, I don't get much comments, so, I get used to it, and when someone posts their comments, I usually ignores them. And for newbies, you should not ignore them. Comments are important, it shows how alive a blog is. Exchanging comments creates a community, where author and reader can connect each other. When someone says "hi" or gives compliments to your site, compliment them back and so on.

3. Mention them in some of your blog posts. People love to feel special. When someone writes an especially good comment on your blog or a social network, use it as a jumping off point for a blog post of your own, linking back to the original inspiration of course. When you highlight community members, you’ll telling them that you’re happy they’re invested in the success of your site.

4. Ask for Advice. Let the community join you, ask advice or opinions. Create a poll on something they might be interested in. Give your blog community a way to get vocal.

5. Stay Active.  Posting regularly is very important for new bloggers. It is a way to know your readers that you have a serious blog and you plan on doing it for a long time. Interact every day via social media, answer all of your emails is also important. Make them not forget you. Just be active in blogging and you will be successful.