Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Check your website speed

A blog or website's speed is very important, because most web surfers will not waste their time on slow loading websites. If it is very slow, they will automatically close it and will never return. They won't subscribe, they won't even like your site. Speed is really important and you should optimize your site for the visitor to have a great time surfing your blog/ website.
The lower speed time the better and there are tools that could help calculating its loading time:


These sites are self explanatory, all you have to do is put the necessary details.

Increase your loading Speed

One of the solution to speed problem is having too much javascript files. Images can also be heavy, so before you post an image on your site make sure you convert it to .jpg or .gif and also resize it. You can download this tool to convert images. click here

On your main page, try to display your post from 5- 7 so it wont take so much loading time. And make sure it is an expandable post or it has a "read more" link to it or jumpbreak. If you show your complete post in your homepage, expect a slower loading time, and it is annoying to scroll down a very lengthy home page.

If your blog still takes a lot of time loading, try changing its template but do not forget to back them up.