Monday, December 19, 2011

How do I cook Rice

Cook Rice, one of the first cooking skills we usually learn. And sometimes people who cooks rice without a rice cooker burns or has brown rice below it or "tutong" in tagalog. I will teach you this basic cooking skills although some people knows it already, but someone especially the socials and the rich doesn't even know how to cook rice. I have experienced many people doesn't eat the "tutong" or the brown burned part of the rice. So, sometimes rice is being wasted. Cooking without "tutong" will help not to waste rice.

Steps on Cooking Rice:
  • First, in some rice there are stones or unwanted particles. Look for it then throw it, so won't swallow them. Those stones and unpeeled rice are very small, if you can find them you have a good eye sight :-P.
  •  Second, clean the rice, so that it will be free of dust and dirt. Use clean water and rinse it about 5 times until it becomes very clean and clear.
  • Third, clean the pot you are going to use to cook rice. Because it is dirty and yucky if you don't wash your cooking utensils.
  • Fourth, put water on the cooking pot, estimate the water level, use your fingers to measure how many water you put. You will see a first line on you middle finger. Make sure it is leveled with that line or has a half inch higher than the line of your middle finger. Note: some rice are water hungry, so you must put a little more water to ensure perfect rice output.
  • Fifth, start cooking. Use medium level fire technique on your gas stove. Wait for it until you a hear "blok blok blok" sound, or if you see water vapor coming out of the cast iron cooking pot.
  • Sixth, if you see the fourth step, minimize the fire technique of the stove. Then wait for about 10 minutes and your rice is ready to eat.   

Now, you have it. you have my secret recipe on how I cook rice.