Sunday, July 15, 2012

What you need to know first before you start blogging

Blogging is the new trend in recent years, and people are so into it, using blogs for personal and business use. Through blogging we can do just about anything, from creating a company blog site to just a simple blog diary for ourselves. Millions of people has been blogging this past decade.

While it is fun to blog, there are some people who wan't to make a living for it. In blogging you can actually earn money, and I know some people who actually become rich for doing it. 

But, before you wan't to make this a career or you simply just want to become famous in the blogosphere, I have here tips on What you need to know first before you start blogging. And I want you to keep these tips in mind if you want to be a successful blogger.

1. Blogging is not a get rich scheme! You probably heard from other people, especially those successful bloggers that they make a fortune blogging. But unfortunately blogging is not a get rich scheme, you won't become rich after blogging for one week.

To become successful you need to be persistent, and you must prepare more than 1 year of hard work and learning without pay. That's right, no income for your first year or maybe more. Some new bloggers won't earn a cent during their first year as blogger. In my situation I only earn about $20 dollars in 1 year, and its kinda frustrating, but it didn't stop me from doing this.

If you want to have a reasonable income,you got to work hard, and it is the same as any profession. To be on top, you need a lot of hard working to do. 

2. Lazy people are not allowed. Successful bloggers are enjoying the benefits of passive income. They own their time and will only work if they want to. Sounds lazy right, but these people who are successful blogging has experienced sleepless nights working.

They made blogging a priority and even set a time when to post an article. If you are lazy and don't have the time to go to your computer and start writing killer articles, then blogging is not for you. You are better off with your day job.

3. Content, content, content! Blogging is about content, and content means writing, writing means hard work, hard work means success! For me, writing is hard, since I was in grade school to college I am one of those students who are lazy picking up the pen and write something in your notebook. And since I am a Filipino, I will have a hard time expressing my writing skills in English, that is why sometimes, I am having a hard time writing.

Content is your blogs life, if your content sucks, your blog sucks too, even if you have the best designed blog in the world but, with crappy articles, you won't become successful.

Just remember "content is the life of blog" and if you are having a hard time writing, there is always a way to learn, there are websites that teaches proffesional writing

4. It is not about you.Blogging is not about you, except if you own a personal blog where you just talk about yourself and your favorite things. If you are not running a personal blog, you need to put a certain limit to your personal stories that you share on your blog.

I am not saying you should not share your personal experience with your readers, but make sure you share only that personal experience that adds value, inspiration and enthusiasm to your blog readers. No one wants to be reading a post on your favorite nail color or what food you like to eat when it is raining, those are non sense article and will have no significance to your reader.

What readers want from you is to learn and entertain. So focus on those articles that readers really want and stop posting unnecessary articles.

Treat your readers like a customer, and you are the owner of a restaurant. You listen to your customers opinion and will do anything to give them contentment and satisfaction. 

And if a customer is satisfied they will come back for more and become loyal readers and followers. And these loyal followers will refer you to some of their friends and family, then, the rest are history...