Monday, July 9, 2012

How to update your feedburner feeds

You probably experience this kind of trouble; when you post something, it doesn't appear on your feed burner URL (example ). The problem is that your original Feed is not an archive it is just an update of your blog, and if your feeds exceed larger than 512K it will stop updating.

Try this on solving the problem.

If your feedburner is not updated try Pinging the feedburner, by just typing the feed URL.
If step 1 number will not work try these. 
Sign in to your FeedBurner account.
Click the title of your FeedBurner feed on the My Feeds page.
On the feed management page that appears, click the Edit Feed Details... link just below your feed's title.

In the Original Feed Address field, change the address listed there from an example like the following:



to the following format:


(Note that max-results sets the number of posts you want to have appear in your FeedBurner feed. Any integer value between 1 and 500 is permitted.)

Click Save Feed Details. Your changes are immediately applied and FeedBurner re-burns the newly shortened (or lengthened) feed.

For bloggers who write lengthy posts try experimenting with the max-results to keep feed file size under control. If you want to know the filesize of your feed go to and look at the report it returns; there should be a value in kilobytes for the size of your feed in an "uncompressed" format.