Monday, December 19, 2011

How to Download Videos from Youtube

You tube is a very popular video sharing website. We like watching videos online and for free, we see our favorite artist, shows, anything and we can also submit videos of our own to share to the world. Now if you are wondering on how you can download videos for free here's how.

Here I will show you:
How to download videos from youtube
Video converter using youtube downloader
Youtube mp3 conversion

Download Videos from You tube

Step 1. Go to a search engine like type in the search box and type YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER

Step 2. Once you have search a website like If you see the file, kindly download it and wait for a couple of minutes depending on you internet speed.
(note: if the link doesn't work, just search again there are many websites that gives youtube downloader for free)

Step 3. Once you've downloaded it, open the file and start installing the software. Once done installing go to, search for a video that you like to download.

Step 4. Open the youtube downloader, then copy the URL of the video you want to download into the youtube downloader, then start downloading the file. Once finished downloading, you now have the .FLV file of the video, next step is converting the .flv file.

Video converter using youtube downloader

Now lets assume we are done downloading the youtube downloader and the video on youtube, getting the video is easy as eating a peanut.

Step 1. Remember the downloaded file from youtube. It has a .flv (in flash video format). we need to convert it so it can be read by different video players.

Step 2. Open sesame the you tube downloader, and click convert to what format you like (.wmv, mpeg, 3gp). Then find the file you've downloaded an start converting it. Once done, you have your own video! You can put it anyway you want, in your IPhone, Android phone or China Phone it will work perfectly fine. Just check the compatibility if your gadget can read a specific video format.

Youtube mp3 conversion

In downloading mp3 we always look for a software for mp3 downloading. In youtube downloader you can also do it here. The advantage is you can have an mp3 of anything you like that mp3 downloading softwares doesn't have. For example, you have found a concert version of your favorite song on youtube, and it was played better than the original recording, when you go to a mp3 downloading site or software sometimes searching for that specific concert would not appear.

In youtube downloader it is very easy like eating a pizza pie.

Step 1. Once again open sesame the youtube downloader, look for the file you want to become an mp3

Step2. If you found the file convert it just like what you did converting videos. But instead of clicking video formats you will click on mp3 format.

You can experiment with the youtube down loader whatever you like. Just try it for yourself